Costco Weekly Sales for July 3, 2017

costco weekly sales

If you’re a regular subscriber to this blog, you know that Costco has secret sales that are not listed in the coupon book. Some might be regional but you should be able to find most at your store (although pricing on .97 items can change).

Happy treasure hunting this week – and come back Friday to see what I bought!

Future Beach Equinox Kayak on Sale

I’ve been looking for a kayak deal and saw a couple affordable options online for inflatable ones, but the Future Beach Equinox Kayak (#1100943) is almost the same cost at this price of $199.97 – that’s a hundred dollars cheaper than the one I saw at TJ Maxx. This kayak weight limit is way better too, especially for one that is probably 10ft to 12ft long. Another difference is that this weighs fifty pounds while an inflatable is super easy to fit in my car.

I passed largely cause the parts of a kayak included make this one ideal for fishing, and I’m hoping to use it to hit some waves. If you’re thinking of getting one of these, here’s a video that shows a customer unpacking their kayak and taking it out on the water:

One issue I heard is they have trouble drying out completely after a day on the water. This probably isn’t a concern if you live in a dry climate, but if it’s sitting in your garage for awhile there’s a chance it could get moldy.

future beach equinox kayak

Right next to the kayak is a matching sale on their latest paddleboard offering, the Alki Hyperlite Stand-up Paddelboard with Paddle (#1051288). After moving to Florida, it seems like EVERYONE has one of these out at the beach. Paddleboarding is rapidly growing in popularity, and not just here in the Sunshine State. I took a trip to Virginia last month and a bunch of girls were enjoying their day on inflatable versions of this.

This normally $699.99 so a pretty good discount here for $499.97 – even better when you consider that these go for about 800 bucks elsewhere on the web.

It’s built with foam and covered by what the company calls Dura-Shell that is supposed to be sturdy enough yet lightweight. But still 30 pounds might be too heavy for one person. At 11 feet long this is not going to work for me and my car.

hyperlite alki stand up paddleboard

If there was room in the car for it, I would be interested, but since there’s none I guess my husband will be happy to save $500 😉 It’s a good deal though – these were orginally $699.99 and Amazon carries them for nearly a thousand dollars!

Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo

Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday with family and friends, Costco decided to put a couple good grills on sale for us members.

pit boss grill costco

Pit Boss Ceramic BBQ Grill (M#71240) which is originally sold for $599.99 but has a coupon for a Benjamin off to bring it down to $499.99. Last year they came through with a $200 coupon but with only two left at my store I don’t expect anything better. I’ve seen the Green Egg sold at Costco last year and this looks similar, but at nearly half the price. These types of grills are gaining popularity for their ability to cook both low and slow and upwards of 700 degrees, while maintaining temperatures for up to half the day.

Here’s a video of someone smoking a brisket on their Kamado ceramic grill:

I don’t grill as much as I’d like and that’s for one reason – I can’t stand to clean up all the ashes at the end. This one has a tray at the bottom for you to remove and empty which I really dig. And with all stainless steel parts I think this will last a long time, so classic treasure that should be a terrific value compared to other prices.

costco stainless steel grill

With a name as generic as they come, the 7-burner Stainless Steel Grill at Costco (#1031516) takes up a ton of space in the isle, but at the price point of $699.97 I would think that Costco only needs to move a couple of these to generate the same revenue as a dozen cases of water or even a pallet of diapers.

Size is indeed the most important thing to take into account when buying a grill, because it will determine how many people you can grill for and the versatility of how much food you can prepare. The updated price takes it down two-hundred dollars and would move right to the top of my shopping list if I had space for it.

The other important thing is the quality of the materials. Since this one comes with stainless steel, it should leave burn marks in your food for a really long time. It also means the steel burner will run the length of the unit for great cooking capacity. Just watch out for those fingerprints!

Costco Fat Tire Bike by Bronco

fat tire bike costco

I have seen the AVC International Bronco Fat Tire Bike (#1132884) in stores for about two months now, and it has dropped in price almost each trip. It started off at two-hundred dollars and then dropped pretty quickly to $149.97 and after another month it now sits as the only fat tired bike under 100 I have seen anywhere.

Bicycles like this are growing in popularity because they are easier to ride, a lot more comfortable than skinny tires, and you can still get around when the weather snows or conditions are not ideal.

Additional Reading: What Do You Mean “You Don’t Have a Bike”?!

I bought a Mongoose cruiser from Costco two years ago and have probably used it only three or four times. If I commute then I drive and if I want exercise my first choice is to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

More Good Deals This Week

maxcold 165 qt cooler

Igloo Maxcold 165 qt Cooler (#819779) $79.97 was $89.99

beachside splash table

Step 2 Beachside Splash Sand and Water Table (#952789) $19.97 was $46.99

costco led star light

Outdoor LED Star Light (#1031603) $9.97 was $39.99

costco ultimate umbrella

Shedrain Auto Open/Close Umbrella (#1058345) $7.97 was $9.99

switch sparkling juice

Switch Sparkling Juice (#5912) $7.97 as much as $27.99 on Amazon, yikes!

Other Markdowns

sales items 7-3-17

  • Rove 2 Pack Stainless Steel Tumblers with Straws (#1054439) $12.97 was $19.99
  • Natural Home Compost Bin with 2 Filters and Bags (#1103105) $17.97 was $22.99
  • Wrigley Starburst Variety Box 34 Count (#1063120) $9.97 was $22.99
  • LED Shop Light 3700 Lumens (#6891518) $19.97 was $59.99
  • Suncast Hose Reel Hydro-Powered Rewind (#443472) $59.97 was $69.99
  • Keter Indoor/Outdoor Wood-Look Waste Bin (#1080777) $24.97 was $34.99

Did you see anything you’d like? Have experience with any of these products? Post your thoughts below and then share the post with your friends!

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