Coppertail Brewing – Visiting the Brewery and Beer Reviews

coppertail brewing

When it comes to craft beer Tampa has one of the best scenes in the country. There are several companies operating here, and in my opinion, the best Tampa breweries are:

As I previously mentioned, my husband was standing up in our friend’s wedding, and he had all the groomsmen buy new suits for the occasion. Arrangements were made through Suitsupply in Chicago, and the nearest location to me was in Tampa.

We began our mini road trip, and first thing was to get sized for the suit and leave it for hemming. One cool thing is they do alterations right at the front of the store, and since they knew the situation that we were not staying in town overnight, we were told to come back later in the day and it will be ready for pickup.

So what to do with free time in a big city? Shop and drink, of course =)

My husband wanted to check out the huge IKEA, and right next to it was a newish craft brewery called Coppertail. PERFECT! We got a couple things from IKEA and headed over to get our drink on…

coppertail brewery

Coppertail is an indie production brewery and tasting room that was founded by lawyer and homebrewer Kent Bailey. It’s located in Ybor (one of my favorite places in the entire state) in an old warehouse that fits right in to the historic neighborhood.

Here’s a one minute video tour of the brewery:

Their claim to fame is crafting interesting beer full of flavor for the Florida lifestyle. They use old-school processes and feature natural carbonation, whole leaf hops, and unfiltered beer. Here’s the couple that I tried on the trip:

Night Swim Review (Porter, 6% ABV)

I have been on a porter kick recently, after spending my first two years down here trying all the more popular Florida styles. This one was darker, bolder, and rich with malts. Perfect to describe a porter, but not at all what you think of when it comes to the Florida craft beer scene. Thumbs up!

Hoppucino Review (Coffee IPA, 5.9% ABV)

Not sure what to think of this one. I guess I was expecting more coffee flavor, and well…it just doesn’t look like a coffee beer. Which makes sense since it’s an IPA, but if I wanted a flavorful IPA I think I would stick with something that does it a little better. One reviewer said it tastes like their staple Free Dive but with coffee flavor. I actually ordered this ones and switched with my husband for his Night Swim, which hit the spot for what my taste buds were thinking of when I ordered this.

coppertail beer

The Verdict

Coppertail is an excellent brewery and we were both really glad we found it. The atmosphere is unique and is a nice reflection of the area. The beer selection on tap had plenty of variety, and they also feature a handful of guest brews, so a sample may be in the cards when we take friends for a visit next time. The bartenders were helpful, and with their kitchen making its debut this summer, I’m sure the service will be very good as well.

Costco Shopping This Week

Not a whole lot for us this week. I really wanted the kitchen utensil set when Costco carried them last year, and by the time I finally decided to get them, I didn’t see them in a single store since. I didn’t make the mistake this time, especially since they had a coupon.

shopping cart

I bought a loaf of brioche bread at Trader Joe’s so most of what you see is the ingredients for French toast:

  • eggs
  • fruit preserves from France
  • whipped cream

Would you like me to post a picture next time I whip some up – they turned out amazing!

Finally, the Danimals yogurt drinks were on clearance for $2.97 for a 36 pack as mention in the July 24 sales post on Monday. A 6-pack is usually that price by itself at Target, so it was obviously a huge deal. If you want to be informed of deals like this, make sure to Like our Facebook page because we post them every week.

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