Costco Diapers – What You Need To Know

Buying diapers at warehouse prices compared to retail can be extremely helpful for any budget. In fact, purchasing Costco diapers compared to brand-name products can save you 25% just at the store.

Unfortunately, the product rating service Consumer Reports doesn’t cover the KS brand. So disappointing!

But I’m confident that Costco diapers work just as well as high-end diapers. At the same time, I found a secret below that shows how families can save over $100 per year, on average, by taking advantage of the business model of the diaper manufacturing industry.

costco diapers

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Aren’t Kirkland Signature Diapers Less Reliable?

Costco diapers are an older model of diaper that was once marketed as a cutting-edge product. Times have changed and diapers have evolved, but sometimes an older model is still a good thing. It gets the job done and, because it’s an older style, the diaper will cost less to individual budgets.

That’s the benefit Costco diapers provide.

Here’s a great 2-minute video that uses an absorption test to compare Huggies vs Luvs vs Costco diapers:

If you have a little one at home, then having diapers around is a must. When comparing the rating of KS diapers to a name brand, such as Huggies, there is about a 0.5-star difference in the rating between the two products. There is also about a $12 difference in total price when purchasing comparable sizes of diapers.

Even though customers spend less for Costco diapers, they receive an equal amount for the price. If you are purchasing Size 3 diapers, Kirkland Supreme offers 198 diapers, just like Huggies Movers.

Now you might find yourself dealing with more leaks or other diaper issues that the newer version being manufactured being addressed might stop, but parents have a value calculation they need to make.

Using the Size 3 diapers as an example, the average parent will go through 5 diapers per day. Purchasing the Kirkland Signature diapers for about $30 means having enough diapers for roughly 40 days. That means purchasing about 10 boxes of diapers over the course of a year for a price of about $300.

Now compare that to the price of Costco diapers under the Huggies brand. At an average price of $42 for the same size and quantity of diaper, the parents would spend $420 for the diapers they need.

Then compare the price of diapers at a store like Walmart. For a box of 136 Size 3 diapers, you’ll also pay about $30. That means the parents will receive about 60 fewer diapers for the same price as the Kirkland Signature diapers. That means your diaper stockpile will last roughly 27 days. These parents would need to purchase about 14 boxes of diapers over the course of a year.

That means spending $420 for the same diapers with more runs to the store compared to purchasing diapers at Costco. Kirkland Signature diapers are a clear value and that’s why they are such a popular purchase. Even if the family were to purchase a membership and only buy diapers with it, they’d still save money compared to most stores.

How can KS diapers be so much cheaper? The reason is simple: the structure of the diaper manufacturing industry.

Two Companies Manufacture Virtually All Disposable Diapers

Kimberly Clark and Procter and Gamble are primarily responsible for all the disposable diapers that sit on all store shelves in the United States. No retailer is excluded.

If you decide to purchase Luvs diapers over Pampers, what you’re essentially purchasing is an older style of diaper. Pampers diapers have an elastic waist band and a little extra elastic around the legs to keep the diaper in place with better consistency. Luvs is an older style of diaper without the elastic.

That’s the only difference. Both brands are manufactured by Procter and Gamble.

Kirkland Signature diapers at Costco are manufactured by Kimberly Clark, which is also responsible for the Huggies brand. If you compare the current Costco diapers to the older model of Huggies diapers, you’d find them to be the same.

Although Kirkland Signature diapers by Costco are technically a “generic” brand, you do receive one benefit over diapers that you’d purchase at other discount retailers. National store chains in the US negotiate with both Kimberly Clark and Procter and Gamble on a regular basis to determine who will manufacture their generic store-brand diapers.

You could be purchasing diapers from the same store from the same brand, but receive two different diaper qualities because of this manufacturing structure. Because Costco diapers are usually manufactured by Kimberly Clark, you can have confidence in the quality and consistency that the diaper will provide.

So How Good Are Costco Diapers?

Costco diapers are given high ratings on a consistent basis. Public reviews state that Costco diapers work just as well as high-end diapers. At the same time, families can save over $100 per year, on average, by taking advantage of the structure within the diaper manufacturing industry.

If you have little ones, then you’re going to need diapers. For those who prefer disposable diapers, the facts are clear: Costco diapers are just as good, you get more per box compared to retail, and that saves you money.

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