Costco Tires Buying Guide

Costco Tires offers several tires, wheels, and accessories for virtually every vehicle. Stores even stock tires for ATVs, golf carts, and trailers.

In addition to tires, there are several services that are provided by Costco as well so that your vehicle can remain in top operating condition. This includes tire rotation. Costco members can also receive 15% off parts, accessories, and services provided at participating service centers in the United States.

Tires Costco Sells on a Regular Basis

Costco Tires offers a competitive pricing structure for major tire brands. This includes the following options.

  • BF Goodrich
  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin

These tires can be all-season tires, summer tires, or winter tires.

Customers can purchase individual tires from the warehouse or choose to purchase a set of 4 tires for their vehicle. Certain discounts may be available when purchasing an entire set compared to the individual tire.

Most Costco Tires locations will also install the tires on your vehicle if you wish them to do so. If you do hire Costco to install the tires, then additional fees may apply. There may be an installation package and disposal fee, a tire pressure monitoring system fee, and other local fees that apply per tire.

Using this example from the Sequim, WA Costco Tire location, there would be a $15 installation package and disposal fee per tire, along with a $2.99 TPMS service fee per tire. That equates to an additional $72 being added to the final cost of a full set of tires.

tires costco

Some locations even allow customers without a membership to Costco to purchase tires. Non-members will typically pay a higher price for their tire. Some advanced models may not be available to non-members as well.

You can look online to see if any tires are available for members only. These are marked with a gray box and will require you to login with your Costco membership to see what the specific tire prices happen to be.

Costco Tires Hours of Operation

Costco Tires will generally follow the same hours of operation that the main warehouse uses. Specific locations may have differing hours, so you will need to find the warehouse that is closest to you for exact information. You can use the Costco Wholesale warehouse finder though this link to do that:

Most Costco locations are open at 10am on Monday-Friday and will close at 8:30pm. On Saturdays, Costco opens a little earlier at 9:30am, but closes earlier at well, by 6:00pm.

Costco is open on Sundays from 10am-6pm.

Some Costco Tires locations may offer you the opportunity to line up before the location opens so you can receive a service number. Some locations may schedule specific appointments for you as well and these may fall outside of the “normal” hours of operation. Every location is a little different, so call ahead or use the warehouse finder for specific details.

One note of caution: The Costco fueling stations open at 6am on weekdays and 7am on weekends. These hours are separate from the warehouse hours and the operations of Costco Tires.

What Kind of Costco Tires Prices to Expect?

The pricing of Costco Tires is dependent on several factors, including the tire manufacturer, the location of the warehouse, and the size of the tire being purchased. Snow tires and other winter tires tend to have different pricing structures than summer tires or all-season tires.

Snow tires have several different restrictions in the United States, so it is important to understand what your local laws happen to be. Only 6 states permit the use of studded tires without restriction. There are 11 states where studded tires are completely restricted. Your local Costco Tires may sell studded or winter tires that you may be date-restricted on using.

Costco Tires do cost more than a straight-up tire purchase from other retailers. Part of the reason for the higher pricing is the additional perks that come with a Costco tire purchase. At an average price of about $20 per tire, you can have the new tires you’ve just purchased installed and your older tires disposed of without needing to worry about it on your own.

When Costco is running a sale on their tires, you could purchase a set of 4 tires and receive a discount that would cover the installation costs.

There are three specific reasons why purchasing tires from Costco is a good idea compared to tires from other wholesalers, retailers, or dealerships.

  • You can purchase a lifetime warranty. With this warranty, if your tire goes flat for some reason, the technicians at Costco will attempt to repair the tire. If they cannot, they will provide a credit for the percentage of tread that remains on the tire. For tires that are close to full tread that go flat and cannot be repaired, then the tire is often replaced for free.
  • You receive lifetime balancing and rotation. Not every Costco Tires will provide this service, but it is an option at most locations. Balancing and rotation tends to be a cost of $15 per tire and it should be done 1-2 times per year for most drivers. Over the course of a tire’s lifetime, this feature can save you $180 or more on the lifetime maintenance cost of your purchase.
  • You receive nitrogen inflation. When your tires are repaired or replaced at a Costco Tires, they will use nitrogen to inflate your tires. That is why green inflation tube caps are used on the tires, even when service is completed on the tire. It’s a visual reminder that a standard air station cannot be used to service the air pressure of the tire.

If the tires you need for your vehicle are not in stock, then call ahead and ask Costco to order them for you. All it takes is your membership number and a deposit. Most tires are shipped to your warehouse in 7-10 business days and there isn’t a shipping cost applied to most orders.

You can also order tires through Costco and have them shipped to your installer of choice if you prefer.

Is There a Costco Tires Coupon I Could Use?

If you have a Gold Star, Business, or Executive membership, then you have access to a parts and service discount that can save you up to $500. It is available for all members and can be applied to any car in the member’s household.

This coupon provides members with a 15% discount on new or factory remanufactured parts. Accessories and services that are required to install them are included as well. Just enter your current ZIP code and you’ll be able to find a hand-selected service provider that will honor the coupon.

The coupon does not require the Costco member to purchase their car through the Costco Auto Program or through a specific dealership.

This Costco coupon can be used for any of the following services.

  • Routine maintenance services
  • Heating and cooling system services
  • Belts or hoses
  • Brakes
  • Alignment
  • Shocks and struts

It’s not just automobiles that are covered by this coupon. If you own powersports equipment, you can receive the same discounts on parts, services, and accessories. RVs and motorcycles are also covered by this coupon program. Even apparel is included in some categories.

You may also find promo codes available at various websites that may allow you to complete a tire purchase online through Costco so you can then schedule an appointment for your service. Consider looking for Costco promo codes at websites like these to see if any valid discounts or coupons are currently available.

Certain stores may also provide in-store coupons or discounts for specific tire brands, such as Michelin and Bridgestone. Speak with your service representative to see if any discounts are available for the brand and size of tire that you’re looking to purchase today.

Check your mail for tire discounts from Costco as well. Members receive a regular brochure which indicates the products or services that are being discounted at their local warehouse. Many of these mailed brochures include coupons or date-specific discounts that can include the tires you may need.

Are Costco Michelin Tires Good Quality?

When recommending a tire brand, Michelin tends to be at or near the top of most recommendations. Consumer Reports ranks the top tire makers based on how their tires perform under test conditions and Michelin came out as the best.

Consumer Reports gave Michelin a 71.5 total rating, which beat Pirelli Tires by 2 full points. In comparison, Bridgestone scored a 64.5 and BF Goodrich scored a 62.

Michelin was founded in 1891 and the brand immediately established itself because it introduced the radial tire to the tire market. Michelin tires are all-season and all-terrain tires, but you can also find summer-only tires with this manufacturer. They have a long tread life, a good blend of grip and handling, and their winter tires give you enough grip to even stop in icy conditions.

michelin tires

The issue with Michelin Tires is their price. They tend to have the highest prices in their size and category compared to other manufacturers. They also tend to provide a better value because they last longer, on average, and can improve the gas mileage for your vehicle.

All Michelin tires come with a tread wear warranty, which provides another advantage when compared to the completion.

A Michelin tire rated for speeds up to 130 miles per hour and a warranty of 55,000 miles with a load index of 98 for a 215/65R16 tire from Michelin is priced for about $165 at Costco. In comparison, Bridgestone makes a Dueler Ecopia tire of the same size which has a warranty that is 10,000 miles longer, a V speed rating, and a load index of 102 for just $10 more per tire.

Because Michelin tires tend to cost less at Costco than at other locations, you’ll find that although the pricing is higher for this manufacturer, the value is better as well. The same tire of the same size at other retail locations costs up to $207. Costco even has a better price on Michelin tires than what can be found on eBay and many online retailers.

What About Bridgestone Tires at Costco?

Bridgestone tires may not be ranked as highly as other tire manufacturers, especially when compared to Michelin, but that doesn’t mean you’re not purchasing a quality tire. As with Michelin, Bridgestone tires often come with a wear life guarantee. If the tire wears out before the guarantee offered, then you receive a pro-rated credit towards the cost of new replacement tires.

You may be asked to bring your vehicle back to Costco Tires to have the tread wear evaluated. As part of the warranty process, you will want to confirm with your warehouse that your vehicle’s current mileage was logged during the purchase and service. Failing to log the mileage will void the warranty and leave you with little recourse, even if your claim happens to be valid.

Bridgestone offers some models a “safe drive” warranty as well. This protection extends to accidental damage that may occur while driving your vehicle. Accidental damage that may be protected could include the following.

  • Cuts or breaks that are caused by a foreign object on the roadway
  • Road damage that occurs from disrepair
  • Punctures that are beyond the repair of a technician

Be sure to check the specific warranty that applies to your Bridgestone tires, such as this truck tire limited warranty and safety manual.

Actual pricing for Bridgestone tires depends on several different factors. The tire size, region, and pricing structures that Costco Tires uses will all create different pricing structures for each community. Other factors, such as changes to shipping charges, may also influence tire pricing.

Each warehouse sets their own price for Bridgestone products.

Once you’ve completed your purchase of Bridgestone tires at Costco, you may wish to register your tires online. You can do so through this link:

You’ll need to provide your contact information and tire dealer information. You’ll also be asked to supply the DOT code that is on your tire.

The DOT code may be 8-13 letters and numbers of any combination. They indicate the size of the tire, the manufacturing location and brand code, along with the week and year that the tire was manufactured.

If you’re not sure which Bridgestone tires are right for your vehicle, you can look at all options through Costco Tires with your membership number and access to the internet. You may also wish to find the tire sizes that are available for your vehicle before contacting Costco Tires or beginning your online search.

Do Costco Winter Tires Meet Regulatory Standards?

Costco Tires sells brand-name products that are available at many other tire locations throughout each community. Every state in the US has different regulations and standards that tires must follow, along with a national standard that is promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Standards involve tire pressure monitoring systems, controls, displays, and conformity to fuel economy standards. A current list of the final rules, proposed regulations, and enacted petitions and laws can be found through this link:

Costco winter tires meet all these regulatory standards. You may be able to purchase a ship tires that do not meet local regulatory standards to your address, but there are controls in place to prevent this from happening in most situations. If you cannot use metal-studded tires in winter, then your local Costco will not stock them for sale.

Are Costco Snow Tires Available?

Studded tires are falling out of favor, even in locations where they are still legal are allowed on vehicles in a date-restricted way. Since 2007, Costco has been discouraging the sale of studded tires in their warehouse locations and online platforms.

Studless winter tires are now available and these have special compounds and tread designs that can enhance the performance of the tire in all winter conditions, including ice.

Tire chains are an alternative that doesn’t require a set of summer and a set of winter tires, so money can be saved that way. Not every vehicle or tire can accommodate chains, however, so you may wish to see if there is a recommended list of alternative traction devices that applies to your jurisdiction.

Studs do provide a superior level of grip on ice and in extreme winter conditions, so Costco consumers that live in the mountains may wish to purchase these winter tires for their needs. They can still do so at their local Costco, but they may need to buy their studs and have them installed by another provider.

snow tires

If studded tires are so effective in winter driving, why has Costco stopped selling them?

Studded tires may increase traction when roads are icy, but there are significant infrastructure issues that developed when they are used on a regular basis. They can create ruts in the road that can fill with water or ice, remove pavement markings, and cause significant pavement damage because of the stud’s impact.

In addition, studded tires may not offer safety advantages to drivers when the tires are being used on non-icy surfaces. In certain conditions, studded tires may be less safe than a standard radial tire when ice is not present on the road.

Costco snow tires are available, but only with options that do not include studs. Some warehouses may still sell tires that permit stud installation, but that will not take place at Costco Tires.

How to Take Care of Your New Costco Tires

Once you’ve purchased your tires from Costco, you’ll want to maximize their use. You can do so by following some basic preventative care actions.

#1. Keep your tire pressure up. When tires are properly inflated, they will maximize their wear pattern and this can extend their life. Tires that are under-inflated can build up heat within the tire that leads to failure or cause handling issues. Tires that are over-inflated can also fail prematurely. Always check air pressure when the tire is cold and monitor it at least once per month. The correct pressure is not the maximum pressure, but the recommended use pressure.

#2. Rotate the tires regularly. Tires should be rotated about every 7,000 miles. Some tires may need to be rotated as soon as 5,000 miles, while others may be fine until the 8,000- to 10,000-mile mark. When combined with regular tire balancing, a vehicle receives better handling and consistent tire wear. There are different tire rotation patterns that can be used, so choose the one that makes sense for your vehicle and driving habits.

#3. Drive consistently. Although it can be fun to smoke or squeal the tires, this will cause the tires to prematurely wear out. Even taking curves too sharply can cause some rubber to get left behind on the road. If the road is in a poor condition or you’re driving on a road with several bends in it, be sure to follow all speed recommendations and do your best to avoid running over any road damage.

#4. Check the alignment. All 4 wheels should have their alignment checked on a regular basis. Each vehicle and tire manufacturer has different requirements, so check your owner’s manual, tire warranty, and other documentation. If you check your vehicle into a curb hard or you hit a bad pothole, you may wish to have Costco Tires or another provider check your alignment to ensure consistent tire wear.

#5. Measure your tire depth regularly. Check on your tire depth at least once per month. An easy way to check on the quality of the tread depth is to use a standard US quarter. Insert the quarter into the tire depth. If it does not cover the space between the rim of the coin and the top of Washington’s head, then the tires have worn out enough that they need to be replaced.

#6. Change out your winter tires right away. If winter tires are permitted in your area, then make sure to remove them when the weather changes. They can give you an advantage in snowy and icy conditions, but will wear out prematurely when operating on a clean road.

You’ll find that some providers, including Costco Tires, will use nitrogen to obtain the correct air pressure in a tire. Nitrogen is less likely to mitigate through the rubber of the tire than oxygen, so the tire pressure can be stabilized over a longer period. Nitrogen-filled tires experience fewer pressure changes when temperatures shift, which means a vehicle experiences a consistent rolling resistance.

Our Costco Tires Review

If you search for a “Costco Tires Buying Guide” online, you will find numerous review conglomeration websites that offer negative reviews about Costco Tires. Many of them are 1-star reviews and are based on the services received rather than the tires that were purchased.

Most of the reviews can be separated into 4 generic categories of complaint.

  • A Costco technician did something that allegedly damaged the vehicle of a customer.
  • The service people at Costco Tires were rude and/or didn’t return a promised phone call.
  • The tire tread warranty isn’t being honored for some reason.
  • The department appears to be understaffed and other customers receive a priority.

Consumer Affairs has several 1-star reviews that paint a dark picture of Costco Tires customer service. Complaints regarding vehicle damage, long wait times, and refusals to honor warranties make up more than 200 total complaints that have been written in reviews on the site.

It is important to read Costco Tires reviews that are posted on several different sites, however, to get a complete picture of what may be offered at your local warehouse.

Consumer Reports suggests that consumers read branded tire reviews and browse through tire buying guides before attempting to complete a tire purchase. It is a service repair that is being completed on a vehicle when the tires are being replaced. Just as one would choose a mechanic based on reputation and service, the same principle should apply when choosing a tire center to perform work.

When purchasing tires from a large retail chain, it is important to ask if the wheels will be balanced after the installation. Not every service provider will do this and unbalanced tires can cause damage to your vehicle or the new tires.

costco tires

It is also important to remember the value of a relationship. Customers that utilize Costco Tires on a regular basis to have pressures checked, tire wear analyzed, and repairs completed tend to have better overall experiences.

On the Consumer Reports page, there are several Facebook reviews that speak of having an experience that is just as positive as the many negative reviews that have been left on Consumer Affairs and other sites.

“I have been overjoyed with the service and prices at Costco,” writes one reviewer. “I don’t even bother to look elsewhere anymore.”

“I have purchased a lot of automobile and light truck tires over the past 53 years,” writes another reviewer. “When our daily drivers need tires, I go to Costco for a set of Michelin Primacy tires.”

You have many options today for your tire purchasing needs. If you have a Costco membership, it is clear to see that you can save money on brand-name tires like Bridgestone and Michelin. If you have concerns with your Costco Tires service, which is what virtually all the complaints tend to involve, then an option would be to purchase the tires at Costco and then have them installed by a trusted provider.

In Conclusion

Costco Tires can save you money. With some advanced scheduling, it can also be a simple and easy way to have services performed on your vehicle at a time that works best for you.

Brand-name tires are readily available for most vehicles and in most sizes. If your preferred tire is not immediately available, there is a good chance that your Costco warehouse can have them shipped in from a different store. Even if your Costco is not on the mainland US, tires can still be shipped to a specific location if that is what is needed for your vehicle.

Be sure to ask about the tire tread warranty and any specific discounts that may apply to your transaction so you can save even more.

Costco Tires is a wonderful component of Gold Star, Business, and Executive memberships. Take advantage of the deals that are available at your warehouse today if your vehicle needs new tires. In doing so, both you and your vehicle should be able to leave happy.

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