Douro Valley Wine from Portugal: Mural Reserva 2013 Review

The Douro Demarcated Region has numerous valley and canyon areas along the basin of the Douro River – a strong “River of Gold” now designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site that begins at the Picos de Urbion and travels until it releases at the Atlantic near Porto, Portugal.

Enjoy this quick 3-minute video showing one of the most beautiful river valleys in Europe:

Douro Valley Tours (in a glass)

The environment for winemaking is spectacular due to the altitude, which produces a particular microclimate that experiences colder winters and much hotter and drier summers than most of the other parts in the region. In 1756, the Douro Valley was recognized with the distinction of being the first named demarcation.

douro valley

Quinta do Portal Wines

One of the oldest craft-style wineries in operation, Quinta do Portal has been consistently recognized both in their country and around the world for making an exceptional product. From what I can tell, they focus strictly on getting their grapes into the bottle, instead of transforming them with barreling and aging beforehand.

portal wines

Paulo Coutinho is a veteran winemaker that has been working at the winery since 1994, so I was confident that I was selecting a bottle of wine from an experienced producer.

2013 Mural Reserva Red from Quinta do Portal

This bottle is made from a blend of grapes, which I prefer because it allows an expert winemaker to show their expertise in composing the vintage. When I taste it, there’s a big hit of freshness, followed by serious tannens. It is pretty dry on the finish, which is essential to being able to enjoy glass after glass of any wine. I think it would pair well with roasted vegetables, some BBQ dishes, and a big turkey dinner.

mural reserva 2013

If you want an easy-to-enjoy wine that you can share with friends, relax, and “taste the Douro” I think this is a solid purchase, but should get even better as the tannens are tamed with age. Costco sells it for $8.97 and I have seen it at Total Wine for about $11.

  • 92 points from Wine Enthusast
  • 89 points from Costblogger =)

Here’s the meal I had with it:

picture of food and wine

Another trip to Costco and another loaded cart. My husband and I have been eyeing the lounger 2-pack for awhile to use at our pool, and as soon as we saw it had a great coupon – taking nearly 40% off – it was as close to an instant purchase as we’ve made in awhile.

shopping cart

The Harvest Snap Peas were on a deep markdown so we’ll give them a try since we are always looking to make our seemingly all-day snacking healthier.

I remember having the first run of Kirkland Signature Ales several years ago, and either I hadn’t acquired a taste for IPA yet or they were far too high up the IBU scale for my liking. I’m excited for this variety pack because it includes a German Kolsch – perfect for the hot and humid summer days we get here in Florida.

And I think the purchase we made that provides the best value: the Kirkland Signature Belgian Bites! I already opened the bag and they’re all delicious (especially the lemon meringue pie flavor).

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