How to Choose a Watermelon LIKE A BOSS


Ahh barbecue season, the time to prepare some savory meat on the grill and knock back some brews. In the middle of all that, why not add a heaping helping of vitamins and minerals a nutritious and calorie-light food?

Or maybe you’re heading out to the company picnic and you stop at Costco to find something to bring. I saw 5 big boxes full of juicy-looking watermelons for $4.99 each, but the problem is how to choose a watermelon out of the 100+ that was going to make the best impression?

I found a bunch of tips, and compiled them here to make it easy for you.

How to Find a Good Watermelon

Years ago, my mother told me to give the skin a knock with my knuckles and if you hear the sound is sharp, it’s good.

Let’s see what the experts think, and if this is such a foolproof plan…

Tapping a Watermelon Trick

This is what most people use, but the problem is that the majority of people don’t really know how to interpret the sound they hear.

So you are welcome to try it out yourself, and here’s what to listen for. It should make some kind of significant deep sound, some refer to as hollow. But the best way is:

If it’s a thud, it’s a dud.


Handle a couple of them and regardless of if it’s a huge one or smaller one, it should feel heavy for the sizes.

Look for webbing but not denting

I used to look for the prettiest one in the box, until I learned that the ugly webbing meant resulted from a bee touching the pollen part of the budding flowers, and this results in a sweet fruit.


Here’s another thing that I didn’t know – on the farm they consider the more vertical melons as male, and these will really emphasize the water flavor. The more basketball-like shaped ones are considered female and will taste sweeter.

Look for the Yellow Spot

Flip them over and observe the bottom, which should have a yellow spot (also referred to as the field spot). In general, the bigger the spot the better, which shows that the melon sat on the ground until it was fully ripened. If it is entirely green or has a small white spot, that usually means it did not have enough time to mature.

Look at the stem

If the tail is green and feels fresh, that means it was probably picked too soon. Look for one that has dried or has a clean brown break where the mature melon detached.

choose a watermelon

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Or one last idea: just get a Costco watermelon because you know the quality will be good, and if not you can just return it for a better one!

What to do with your watermelon after you buy it

Now that you have chosen the perfect one to bring home, it’s time to dig in. You can cut it open and eat it the traditional way, or keep reading to see some unique healthy watermelon recipes to experiment with. Who knows, you might find your new favorite summer treat!

Watermelon Agua Fresca – the perfect drink for a hot summer day, and super simple to make:

  • Cube melon and place in a blender
  • Add a shot of lime juice or the juice of 1 lime
  • Pour in a couple glasses worth of Kirkland Signature Prosecco and blend

Spicy Watermelon Salad – a different take on the traditional cucumber salad:

  • Cut melon into small cubes
  • Mix with slices of red onion
  • Pour over 2 tbsp of rice vinegar and 1 tbsp of red pepper flakes

Chocolate-dipped Watermelon – delicious and refreshing way to get your daily chocolate in haha:

  • Slice melons into wedges and place in freezer
  • Melt chocolate in a sauce pan
  • Dip wedges into chocolate and freeze for about an hour

Grilled Watermelon – something new that I saw while researching this post:

  • Cut the melon into wedges
  • Sprinkle with seasoning (I use Tajin which is a salt and lime mix)
  • Grill and serve =)

Not ready to eat it yet? Storing watermelon is easy – you can store your whole, uncut fruit in the fridge for a week or so. If you want to let it ripen some more, just leave it on the counter.

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