Learning How to Eat Stone Crab Claws While Blogging

This is my first shopping trip post and I’m really excited to start the journey!

Every weekend I head on over to my local Costco and do my shopping for the week, and I’m inviting you to follow along as I find the best deals, explore interesting things to eat, and try out the various benefits of membership.

Let’s jump right in with what might be the highlight of my year to this point. Earlier in the week, I was pushing my cart down the aisle of the freezer section and spotted something I had never seen at any Costco before: stone crab claws for sale!

Stone Crab Claw Prices in 2017

After my recent move to Florida, I began seeing signs for these things EVERYWHERE. But before I even began to investigate, the first thing I did was look up how much does stone crab cost and immediately moved on haha. These things go for up to $38 per pound so definitely outside of my budget.

But lo and behold, there in the freezer was one last package and it turned out to be the score of the century – 2 lbs for $19.97!

stone crab claws

While I was checking out the package, there was a guy nearby and I thought he wanted to pass by so I moved my cart out of the way. Turns out he was just waiting to see if I was going to put the pack back. I tossed them into my cart alongside the clearance meatballs ($6) and discounted mozzarella cheese balls ($3.97), grabbed an affordable bottle of wine, and bolted out of the store.

Now if I could just figure out how to cook these I would be in business, so I hopped over to YouTube and watched this video:

Don’t want to watch the video? Here are the steps how to eat stone crab claws:

  • 1. Put a paper towel or rag over the claw to stop shell from splattering all over the kitchen.
  • 2. Take a knife and hit the outstretched shell, not too hard or you will smash pieces of shell into the meat.
  • 3. Open up the claw and remove the juicy pieces of crab meat.

Not the easiest thing in the world to prepare, but it was definitely worth it…

cook stone crab

Overall, the new experience made it one of the best weeks of Costco shopping I’ve had in a long time – not a bad way to start this blog.

And yes, I just noticed that I am going to have to keep an eye out for a sale on matching kitchen plates. Here’s the rest:


They were giving out free samples of the KS Coconut Cashews and it got me to buy an entire package, so definitely looking forward to enjoying those. And if you haven’t had Kirkland bacon before, you’ve been missing out. See the 4.5+ rating on it at Consumer Affairs.

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