November 2017 Costco Sales

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well with Autumn underway and the holiday season beginning to pick up steam. This month is the Super Bowl of shopping BLACK FRIDAY and I hope you take advantage of the sales but most importantly I hope you stay safe out there.

I do have one major announcement before we get to our regularly scheduled sales pics – Costblogger was featured by Home Remedies for Life as one of the top blogs to follow for healthy eating advice! I do my best to share what I know and it’s cool that they recognized all the hard work that goes into the site! You can check out the rest of the other awesome blogs here.

If you’re a regular subscriber to this blog, you know that Costco has secret sales that are not listed in the coupon book. Some might be regional but you should be able to find most at your store (although pricing on .97 items can change).

Happy Treasure Hunting!

This post gets updated several times a month with new sales, so check back soon!

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