Rawanda (and Costco) – Home of Truly Great Coffee

We finally finished off our bag of Manatee Coffee that I bought on a whim about two months ago. It was good but I thought the coconut flavor would shine through more, and I prefer a darker cup to get me going in the morning.

I usually just look for whatever is on the best sale at the moment and let that guide my purchasing decision. However, nothing in the coffee aisle was on sale except Folgers. Nope!

So I had a decision to make – either wait for a sale and switch to KS green tea that I’m also a huge fan of, or make a decision about one of the other bags.

Enter: Kirkland Signature Rawandan Coffee.

rawanda coffee

I went with this one because we actually got the LAST BAG, and since it had an asterisk on the sign I knew we might not get the chance to try it again.

Turns out, this is absolutely the best dark roast coffee I have ever had, anywhere. The flavor is so unique it’s hard to describe, it’s way smooth but it’s also a lot more full-bodied than that Manatee brew.

And at $14.99 for 3 pounds of beans, I think this is a huge value. I have had dozens of beans, anywhere from Starbucks French Roast to other regional roasters, and this one really stood out. The fertile mountains of Rwanda produce some of the finest coffee in the world. Watch this short video with really inspiring music:

Doesn’t that make you want to grab a cup of Rawanda coffee?

A couple areas of Africa are particularly renowned for their mastery of coffee production. These other African coffee types are:

  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya

I don’t see many of them at Costco – they usually have those big red bags of Sumatran coffee and various varieties of South American coffees.

Kirkland Signature Rawanda Coffee Review

So what’s the verdict? As I’m sure you can tell by now, I really look forward to waking up and making this KS Rawandan coffee in the morning!

I would say this is my new “go-to” brand, but since I grabbed the last bag, I don’t know if they will have it in stock when it’s time for the next bag. I do enjoy trying out new things so I’m probably going to get back to shopping the sales rack for something different.

Since thousands of people read Costblogger a month, I thought I’d take a second to make use of this platform to highlight a way to use this review of coffee for charity by letting you know of a program called Grounds for Health that helps women in developing countries get health screenings and care. To learn more visit: http://www.groundsforhealth.org/

Thanks for taking a look and considering donating the cost of one cup of Starbucks coffee =P

What Else Did I Buy?


We went to Chicago for a good friend’s wedding, and of course our first stop had to be a Costco store in the area. My husband got a new fitted suit since he was standing up as a groomsman, and rather than paying $80 for a dress shirt he got this one for $17.99 instead. The beef jerky was marked down to $9.97 and was different – had Thai sauce taste but was super soft. I finally talked myself into getting the Kirkland Signature Dark Chocolate Mangoes since I reasoned that I could share with the in-laws =)


When we returned I got some other interesting things. The pink and grey lunch bag is going to be an upgrade over the free one I got from my past employer several years ago. Another bottle of KS Sangria which is terrific stuff. Costco had a $4 white board coupon so I finally got one to keep track of things for the blog. I had one before and didn’t use it much, so here’s hoping I can turn that around.

The Chobani smoothie drinks were marked down to $5.97 for the 8-pack. And the Maine Lobster Spread was on manager special for just $2.99. I had it once before and wasn’t a big fan because the breadcrumbs made it taste too sweet, but for this price it will make a decent snack with crackers.

That is it for me this week! Hope you enjoyed reading about beans from an amazing African coffee roasting country – if you’ve tried this coffee from Rawanda at Costco before let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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